Saturday, December 8, 2012

I Howl

Who were “yo-yo-ed” around by people who didn't really know
But got paid to tell you

Who were taught  to believe as if you’d go along
Like it was an accepted medicine

Whose bad ideas achieved no goals
A placebo for you in the meantime

Who was diagnosed with TB for six months
And died of cancer

Who kept on saying yes, just to please you
But kept on doing no

Who took 7 months to open a bank account
Listening to a policy never made

Who made more rules everyday, new rules, unfinished 
To punish the minority, to punish the majority

Who took leave, but told no one
Just to keep in the loop

Who asked you to validate, validate – show us
With theories that have never come true

Who wanted numbers, numbers, number
Projections that show no map

Who gave bad instructions to fill in the space
When there was no map

Who took 2 years of our lives telling us what to do
When it takes 4 years to make something great

Who mostly had no answers 
But had a template 

Who was going along with a number in line
Unwaited, waiting to be served

Who took 16 hours, or 10 days, to get a refund
Spending more on gas

Who took 10 hours, after 10 years of loyalty,
To redeem  points for loyalty

Whose 3000 days of groceries, 80 days around the world, 
And drives going the distance, across the country, 20 times,
Got “clawed back” for loyallty

Who took 1 million dollars that was not theirs
But told themselves it was true

I slept in today and decided to write in pencil

I Howl

You turned me into something else 

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