Thursday, January 26, 2012


Even when I am hundreds of miles away, Penny's Open Mic provokes me into thinking.

I search for so many words to describe this Tuesday night at 94 St Mark's Place. Everything I find describes the essence of creativity itself.

This isn't some tourist attraction. But Far Off Broadway where New York Magazine wrote "some of the city's most inventive minds take the stage." This night oozes with innovative creativity.

"Creative intimidation in a safe environment."

It is the real deal in East Village if you've ever seen the roots of the neighborhood.

words on the wall go well with Penny's Open Mic

Just being in the audience gives me the butterflies. You cannot help but take your game to a new level.

I search for images to visually represent flavors of this night. Perhaps one of the night's prominent performance artists Killy Mockstar Dwyer will do the trick.

Are you staring down the barrel gun or something else. She'll kill you with what she does.

You have to watch her to see what is being hunted.
There is no other clue.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Humans like to think humans have the most superior of capabilities among species. But look at evidence to the contrary:

  1. Humans cannot walk at birth. Most other animals can.
  2. Humans are among rare species who kill each other beyond factors of starvation.
  3. Humans are the only species destroying the planet
  4. Humans pay for food
  5. Humans pay for shelter
  6. Humans need clothes
  7. Humans drink the milk of other animals and drink it past two years old
  8. Humans trick each other -- often. A pack, school or flock of humans would be hard to organize.
  9. Humans cannot communicate at birth, run fast, swim far or fly.
  10. Humans abandon each other and their kids and cannot live as long as sea turtle.
True, humans are good at thinking for themselves. This devolution will not be televised.