Saturday, January 11, 2014


Time (346 Broadway, NY) - In youth, time is in the moment, shining glory, unveiling discovery, dismissive of what's cheated or taken for granted. In a coming of age, time is an entire history where every moment makes sense in a bigger picture, a greater good and a reconciliation of the past. Adversity is a known friend. New York born Amanda Peet in the Clock Tower turns 42 today. A scene from Griffin and Phoenix (2006) time stamped. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Change How World Is Mapped (Geo-Design)

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"Locative media" and "Locative Art" are terms as obscure as social media once was. I anticipate this is the media that will eclipse social media. 

William Gibson got it early on when writing about a Sixth Sense visor in Spook Country  that could see dead people (like River Phoenix at the Viper Room). Location-based art and stories that once took place at a spot are seen through a visor that blends the past with the present, then and now.  Imagine seeing ghosts of what happened anywhere.

In over 17,000 hours, Jump2Spot  compiled the world’s largest GPS story atlas featuring where movies scenes,  music history, biographies, literature, art  and  disruptive inventions took place. 1.25 million geo-curated assets were compiled into 125,000 stories. 

Among assets, photos of the day curated daily over 7 years were  geo-tagged covering the world’s most photographed spots.  Locative media is about compiling the most interesting digital artifacts at a place creating a compelling locative stream. 

Jump2Spot can now power  a highly curated street view, stitching stories and visuals street by street for a new kind of geo-browser. You can see meaningful visuals and stories instead of stock imagery and status reports. 

Ley lines of inventive energy towards where notable people gravitate are mapped along creative hot spots.  

With best-of-breed geo-content, Jump2Spot  will be visually recommending notable stories for geo-tags in social media and address searches. Today one in five Google searches are location-related. Pinterest has seen rapid growth in location-related boards. Foursquare has a major initiative to recommend places nearby.  25 billion geo-tags await our story recommendations. Imagine taking a photo and being able to see stories about it. 

This atlas of inspiration is an opportunity to re-think and re-define the nature of location-awareness.

At Jump2Spot, stories of the most followed people are geo-tagged at their hot spots.  Today Jump2Spot is 4x the world's longest book in words and triple the 1st digital encyclopedia in entries. Each geo-coded entry has a notable visual, story and link. 

Connective stories  match people with stories at a place. Stories can be recommended for what you are doing -  what you photograph, what you view, places you search and where you post.  

At some locations, you can see a time lapse of photos spanning a century. At other locations, you can see where notable people intersected and made history happen.  The dreams of change-makers and history-makers have been mapped near your activities. 

Today you can open an app and instantly see stories near you. You can also search any address for stories. Tomorrow you can geo-tag your photos and check-ins and see notable stories related to your places. 

This initiative is for the rock star who wants a rock star stage


The 1st books have been fully geo-tagged 

We’re looking for a coder who wants to build a next-generation  locative media experience.  GPS and maps today show the same old stuff nearby. Geo-refreshment is the new cartography.

You’re a creative thinker and problem-solver with tremendous empathy for  user experience.   You’ve demonstrated effective capabilities working with design teams and finishing consumer products to success. That's great team work.

You’ve extensively used and worked with GPS and geo-tags. You know the depths of address searches, desiring to take your domain knowledge and define a new frontier.

You’ve worked with mapping platforms.

Coding Traits

-    You have a penchant for writing elegant code, improving efficient data processing. You are determined to de-bug every line of code to compete with the best.
-    You see code as Art.
-    You are driven to learn everything about the geo-space and to influence it, making your mark as a coder in the space.
-    Your most important product feature is “speed”
-    You are a “whatever it takes” to get the job done well person.
-    You know data (a lot of it)  and traffic (a lot of it) 

 Contact: @Jump2Spot on Twitter or 


-    We are currently working in Ruby on Rails and iOS and have strong demand for  Android services.
-    The data is platform neutral and API-oriented with  interest from world-class clients in the geo-tagging and address search space.  


New history is revealed 

We are looking for a designer with a strong passion for story-telling, history,  and location-awareness.

You’ve got experience organizing a high volume of data into a compelling visual experience.

You’ve finished consumer products to success. 

Design Traits 
      -         You love culture 
-         Inspiring portfolio of typography and look and feel (ideally story-related)
-         Proven user experience track record
-         Projects with a high volume of traffic and data
-         You are a great communicator with local and remote team members and clients. 
-         You think in terms of new (not old) and think outside the box
-         You are a “whatever it takes” to get the job done well person.
-         You understand media and new mediums
-         You are strong at visualizing spatially
-         You think in terms of efficient experiences (space and time are valuable) 
-         You only care about user experience as a goal, especially at  point of entry and for what will be remembered as a  takeaway

 Contact: @Jump2Spot on Twitter or 

* * * 

Shooting Star

Everyone's tool box starts off on a equal playing field. But there is always that special one who has no prior experience who invents the next generation of the internet. You have unlimited drive, passion and learning capabilities. You have no past. You are the future. We will listen to you. 

-   You are a “whatever it takes” to get the job done well person.