Monday, March 25, 2013


" What you don't have you don't need it now, 
What you don't know, you can feel it somehow..." 

People who keep it real, keep you young.

I woke up New Year’s Day on a sofa with an epiphany.

Suddenly, I was seeing so clearly.

It was just a physical or mental act (not sure which) of looking far out. No different than how a quarterback sees down a field to go for a 90 yard throw. A Hail Mary.

In spite of all the noise in front, a path just opens.   

I was suddenly seeing past the womb of my world.

* * *

In spite of all the creativity to find inspiring truth, I was stuck. There was no clarity to breakthrough. Knowledge changed nothing.  Surroundings kept you in one place.

There’s a loud crowd of confusion in front. And suddenly, you’re focused on it. No leadership to leave.  A lonely mind that knows too much, suddenly says too little and does even less. 

Enveloped in mixed signals, circumstantial needs, concerns, or egos starving for satisfaction, a surrendering philosophy prevailed.

* * * 

Time changed  life like melting ice. 

* * *

Sometimes there’s a political or philosophical bent. Beating beaten paths or beating something to death.  Templated on road maps. 

Then there’s your own womb from which it can be hard to see past. Or escape.

There’s a past that keeps you there, defining your status quo.

There are hardships making barriers seem most visible daily. Handcuffed to the present.

Sometimes it feels like the world is caving in. Punched in the gut.  Breathe.

Adversity. What is still done counts, defining the meaningful.

* * *

Clarity is more important than independence.

The dream is past this womb.

Seeing past it – just the physical act of doing it -  made me look in places I never saw in the womb.

I reached out and people reached back to pull me out.

The crowd of confusion was still there. But suddenly, the horizon of illumination was clear. The noise no longer mattered. Far out connectivity began. 

A New World manifested itself.