Monday, December 31, 2012

For The People Who Make The Soul Bigger

Weber Brothers at Great Hall, Toronto
Shai Peer, Ryan Weber, Sam Weber, Marcus Browne

For the people who make the soul bigger, who invite wall-to-wall exuberant people. For the people who give you so much more faith to drive further and farther. How cool is going into the Arctic with a band. 

Near Bowmanville 7am after leaving Peterborough 

For the ones who make your year every year.  For the CafĂ© in the Greenwich Village that has been family for so many years. Marcus Mumford agrees (this is home). For the music that leaves no questions asked. We believe. 

Kate Sland - Lamb's Club, NYC
Eric Frandsen - Caffe Vivaldi, NYC

For people who are still here after so many miles.

Jason Skiendziel at Scarlett Jane Home 
(Cindy Doire, Andrea Ramolo) 

Andrea Ramolo, Not My Dog, Toronto

For the new friend who’d I’d end up shovelin’ snow for before year-end. A friend is someone you can lose a bet to. 

Cameron House - Devin Cuddy Band
(Nichol Robertson, Devon James, Devin Cuddy) 

For the music she made so startling and the man who needed running shoes to tour with Neil Young and the Sadies. For the woman who didn’t know she’d be at the North Pole with a band in a few weeks…and some total stranger who sat in the picture who felt like we were his friends. That’s what music does.

Maia Davies, Bryan Boake, Anna Ruddick (top)
Loft 404 after party  in Toronto (bottom)

A dedication to all the good people out there and my late brother. Always. My Dad passed away. Ya I've had some downs with the ups. You helped me out.

Trish Robb Band at Pig's Ear (Peterborough), Peterborough Home, & Horseshoe Tavern
Chris Culgin (mandolin), Mike Duffield (drums), Travis Blodgett (upright)

"I could go east, I could go west, It was all up to me to decide." Here's to the new noise, the creatively exciting, the friendships that keep it rollin'.

Paul Reddick and Weber Brothers, Not MyDog, Toronto 

Stone Sparrows, Horseshoe Tavern
Oliver Ward, Meghan Patrick

Kayla Howran, Cameron House 
This year I saw friends both in the North Pole and the South Pole. A woman who meant so much, who lost half her family, even planted a flag for me far from anywhere I'd ever been. 

That was a tough 572 full-time days and only the inspiration of the stories kept me going.

For the names that are like magic words who can play 3 more shows after the show is over. What did he put in that guitar?

Sam Weber, Great Hall , Toronto

Melissa Payne and Trish Robb 
4am, Peterborough home

 That must have been  something, she had a lot of joy…and it keeps us waiting for the next show.

Sarah Burton, The Press Club, Toronto 

Melissa Payne (fiddle) at Pig's Ear (Peterborough) and Horseshoe Tavern (Toronto)
Trish Robb arms waving (2x)

You are home, I see it every night.

The many great moments. The people who make me turn to bigger chapters. 

For the East Village woman who made magic happen every Tuesday for many years in a basement theater.  For the voice who stopped a room and held great potlucks. For the man who brought me to Bruce Springsteen. You're not Going Down...For the woman who sung about going up the Elevator.  

And I still follow you Piano Player as you stretch your wings around the world.  For the one with the vibe, to see where the magic can go. 

For the woman who disappeared, leaving loved ones behind. We still search for you. 

For the Irish woman who wrote 3250 miles and the family that shows courage to be who you are. For the one who called everyday when everyday counted. For the Facetimer, who saw more, just to get it right.  For the ones who helped the harvest. And to the woman who lined up with me. You are dear.  Happy New Year.

Anna Ruddick (bass) with Joshua Cockerill and Greg Cockerill 
Dakota Tavern, Toronto 

Melissa Payne 
Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto 

This speech was inspired by people and photos auto-picked by Facebook's “See Your 2012 Year in Review.” There was an original status report with names that came with these lines. I added a few more, and I'm sure I could add more. And thanks K and D for understandin'. There's bigger in the world. 

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