Thursday, July 12, 2012

What Is Sold

So many sell fears.
But who tells a solution?

I’m tired of buying fears
That make you a coward

The lawyer, the accountant, the consultant
The politician  who says watch out
"The uncertainty no one knows"
Their living is fear

But neat
But reputable

No revelation
On any given day
No revelation
In the next year

The journalists speculate
Telling us about some kind of state

Piecemeal voices
Who are never there
Words could be a lie
But what lies ahead?

The friend who says beware
The mother or father who says
Don’t do this
Or that?

Well-meaning but scared
Well-spoken, they never dared
To any kind of gold
Or future that unfolds

To reflect on what if
Instead of what may
To make something small
Instead of tall

It circles the drain
Especially when it rains

A self-fulfilling prophecy
Makes nothing easy

Changing a narrative
To be afraid
Changing the restorative
To nothing said

What is this antic
Of borderline panic?
You're burned anyways
Too scared to know it

There’s no action in fear
No reaction but fear
No momentum created
No feeling belated

It can trip up every step
Press down instead of up
See ground instead of sky
Say empty instead of full

But who tells a solution?
This silence is deafening
When fear's what’s sold
Truth be told 
Anything else would be bold

One constitution
Against an intitution

Flip a coin
Is either fear
Or possibility 

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