Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Art of Repetition

When someone repeats themselves, is it: 1) running out of things to say 2) forgetting what was said 3) thinking you didn’t hear it 4) a press release  5) a blues song 6) going senile or 7) talking to yourself. 

When repeating what others say, is it 1) no mind of your own 2) Stepford Wives 3) brainwashing  4) hypnosis 5)  a reflex 6) true belief  or 7) a form of slavery.

Or is it   9) religion  10) not seeing  a difference 11) social media sharing 12) a press release 13) Simon Says  14) quoting.

Politics can also be seen like Warhol Art.

Context changes everything. 

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