Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The biggest lesson I learned in music was from followin' Bruce Springsteen. I once knew every word off by heart from his 1st 7 albums (1973-1984). Then I don't know if it was me getting older or him getting married, but i literally ditched him after listening to Tunnel of Love (which had a few good songs but wasn't good enough for me). I wanted to remember him just like I loved him. It took more than 10 yrs for him to slowly win me back. Later i realized that if you love a musician that much, you gotta follow that Artist through all the changes and formations, no different than any other love. Otherwise you're just like a music label who turns an Artist down after an Artist did so much.

If we are truly keepin' it real, it is not all about "like."

PS for the hell of it, I wanted to re-review his first album Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ, which I still think didn't get a fair shake. But I think I would have just said you should've kept Song To The Orphans on the album (from original shortlist). It was on his proposed track listing for the album and somehow got crossed off and was never released, orphaned just like the title. He sung it November 21-22, in Trenton, NJ, for for "those of you who know more about me than I do about myself." Before he even had an album he sung it often at Max's Kansas City and on the radio.

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