Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Turn The Page

Copy your race.

Copy your space.

Copy the post.

Like the most.

Do less

To feel best

The shortcut you take

Is the least chance you make

Branches move in the sky

But are you moving or standing still?

What you earn is not what you learn

Your ignition is sparked by recognition

You survive

To be alive

You feed from

What you need

You want change

But are out of range

You ruin with

What you been doin’

As if you are the only one on the boat

Inside your moat

You complain

Watching the rain

Feelin’ water

Circling the drain

You spoil

And feel so royal

Your world is virtual

All fast and instant reply

All unreal with no feel

So unquestionable, everyone likes

So unfree you can’t see

You read but who do you want to be

You have a need

To be in the feed

Turning the page

Is all the rage

Cutting corners ignoring mourners

Making money to taste the honey

Three steps forward, three steps back

It's an easier way, the copy cat path

You have done the math.

Written while listening to Hearing Damage.


X said...

So much in life is just copying to move down a path. A riff on this.

Blogger said...

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