Monday, May 10, 2010

Let Down

Don’t let me down.

I tried to figure out away of writing this short, not long. Hard to do when there are so many stories of people who disappoint.

First let me disclaim. I am still alive. I still have enough friends who are shining ambassadors for the human race. I still remember every friend who helped me get through, and compete to championships. And I still hear every word of inspiration.

Don’t let me down.

Julian Lennon tweeted, the more dirt you throw, the more ground you lose.

Don’t let me down.

Yes, they deserve grief. The people who took money, the people who delivered nothing, the people who damage, the people who break trust and only care about how they look. How they are treated (not you). The self-serving people who pretend they represent all that is good. Self-help, helping themselves. The people who create the merry-go-round of who’s not wrong. No apologies.

He said. She said.
They make you waste so much time. These people who spin, blurring lines between true or false.

But the world deserves you more.

Don’t let me me down.

You are genuine.

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