Friday, April 30, 2010

Freedom Poem (This blog is Free)

It might be free but don’t mess it up.

Free air, free water, free trees.

Parks, birds, bees, or any life that sees.

Duck nested on Park Avenue island, eggs hatched today, and they made their way to Central Park safely

Free rolling down a hill, on the grass.

Free thoughts, free expression, free speech, free association.

My table at Coffee To The People, Haight-Ashbury

Free admission (my favourite, it’s usually good).

Free diving, free-falling.

Free for all.

Fearless leadership is free

The best things in life are free.

Friends, love, and mentors.

All the fish in the sea.

Respect, consideration and reciprocity.


Let freedom ring.

Singing is free.

Dancing is free.

Happiness is free.

So is the Internet, the Library and Public Art.

New York Street artist Hani Shihada - Picasso painting outside The Carlyle hotel on Madison Ave. Hotel commissioned it to celebrate Picasso exhibits at the Met, MOMA, and Marlborough Gallery.

Reading is free.

Writing is free.

Creating is free.

So is making children. Or Peace.

Words reflected someone in front of me

Let freedom ring.

Playing an instrument is free.

A soul can be free. So is unbridled passion, a mind that ventures or a body that soars.


This train can't be stopped . We.

Let freedom ring.

Encouragement is free. So is criticism when it counts.

So is free flow, freestyle.

Break free.

my cell phone on the floor looking up, Guggenheim hours, free

Let freedom ring.

Some hours at New York museums are free. All hours at London museums are free.

So is a Public Education or public skating rink at 30 Rock.

at 30 Rock in Catcher and the Rye skating freely Holden met Sally

Free spirit, freedom.

The beach.

The wind, the sun.

Or snowflakes melting on your tongue.

Best Album Art: Snowflake cut for Yr of Tiger. Free listen. Key.

Ain’t nothing like it.

When someone gives you food, a ride, and that couch.

Sharing a plate, or tea.

Hospitality is free.

That volunteer of human spirit.

* * *

You can’t buy 2 and get 1.

* * *

Are we free?

Nothing packaged is free.

But we are born free.

So is a compliment (or insult).

Have a good life (or have a good life).

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