Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Crossing At The Light

Maybe we’re just a couple of cars
Crossing at the light
One look and that’s it
Off into the night

Remembered when I didn’t know a thing
When there were open skies
The road was eternal
No graves for dreams

I was wanted in so many places
But only wanted to be one
The morning air was crisp
But the night got hazy

Suddenly I woke up this morning
And saw no tomorrow
People I knew had come
And gone

The heart was anchored
By some knowledge past
The sails flattened
No wind in the sound

The ship was moored
Like a permanent restaurant
Until health code officials
Would take it away

These places, these faces
Were once dreams come true
Today a Paradise Lost
Waiting for a new dream
To take its place

Fire fire burning bright
Embers floating into the night

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