Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Disposable Generation


When you look back in history

All that is left is writing and art

Works describe every generation

Paper books are passed along to the next reader

Paintings & poetry picture moods of that time

Songs and snapshots define retro

All of history is aglow

* * *

Analog’s the tortoise that continues the road.

Digital’s a hare that runs fast to disappear

Everything Apple ever made will be gone

Downloads will all disappear

We are the Dispoable Generation

* * *

Yesterday's posts, forgotten today

A hunger from malnourishment is fast

Everything we make to be seen

Is seen less and less in less time

Makes you wonder

Was it just a dream

Or just hard to recall

Wiped out by transience

Now you see it, tomorrow it’s gone

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X said...

Trapped in a machine, i write by compiling status reports.