Tuesday, July 19, 2011

"No One" as a figure of speech

No one will watch video online – the quality is bad.

No one will pay 99 cents for a song—it’s free on Napster.

No one will like cell phone photos—the quality is too inferior.

No one will use Facebook in Canada. MySpace is far more interesting.

No one will donate to Artists online –there's not enough money.

No one will donate by phone—they don’t get texting to pay.

No One became the most played US radio song in 2008 and was still Top 10 for 2009. Not knowing she'd succeed, Alicia Keys spoke to us in Harlem like this.

As a kid, I wrote an essay for City Hall called Nobody. After hearing so many people say "nobody can do it" – I created a superhero robot called Nobody who could do what Nobody could do. “No One” is a series of sentiments I heard from leading-edge internet pioneers in Canada. Dreams came true for what no one could do.

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