Saturday, January 1, 2011

Damn It's Good (Street Art)

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On New Year's Eve, 2010, I met an Art Historian who was trying to focus on Street Art for a Masters Degree. I hope she gets her wish.

I promised to send her the most interesting Street Art links of 2010 I posted on Facebook or (re)tweeted.

As I consolidated the list - it made me see that street art exhibited the greatest innovation and genre invention of all the arts I've witnessed. More so than even photography.

I'm not sure how to define street art. Graffiti comes from the Italian graffio ("to scratch") which was done like bathroom graffiti. Street art has become more than just graffiti.

I excluded my Banksy, SAMO, and early Bronx posts. Time to give the new breeds a try.

I know I'm going to need this list one day again. And nearly every link has one thing in common. You will think: "Damn It's Good."

Biggest tag on earth:

(he rode his bike across nyc with a paint can that had a small hole in it)

Subway animation (it's animated by your moving subway windows - very cool!):

Freedom Tunnel - made by Mole Person (person who lives in NY subway tunnels)

(or near 17 min mark, poem left by Mole Person in subway tunnel:

This is fence art (combined fence posts show a picture):

3D Sidewalk Art (looks like hole in the ground)

"Light Art" (mixing light with graffiti)

Suspicious Package:

Made from bird seeds (literally):

2 feet of snow (after it snowed 2 feet in NYC, 2009)

Graffiti made from moss (Brooklyn)

Forced perspective graffiti (completed by passersby):

(aka reverse graffiti)

Skater Kids playing with light

Lit truisms (like Jenny Holzer work)

Jenny Holzer:


Like Liliput: Tiny People Street Art

Children in the street art (rare)

(read somewhere artist trying to bring awareness to homeless...street art doesn't move unless erased)

Spider Web Tagging

Knit graffiti

Mattress Graffiti (Bed Bugs)

Coldest Graffiti

Shadows complete graffiti

Chain of Human Pylons

Street art with perspective (real background is part of the art like Banksy but background is also added!)

Light illuminations

USB Dropbox @newmuseum

Giant Steps
Graffiti found behind a New York wall (includes, Samo, Basquiat) -

Before I Die....Nola Artist converts abandoned house into Wall of Hope

“One Wish to Change the World” #TED street art

This is a good list of 10 world class street artists:

Open Source: Mapping Street Art Around The World

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