Friday, November 19, 2010

All Gone (Run On)


1978-80 - what i remember most photographing New York (1st time), besides looking up the Twin Towers, seeing graffiti on every subway car, being approached by sex sold in Times Square, thinking of Son of Sam's gun, feeling the heat of the Bronx (burning), wondering if John Lennon was here and hearing sounds of Studio 54's last days of disco, is that you had to look as if you could beat someone up, meaner than the mean streets, and you couldn't look at anyone on the subway or risk a fight (they used to throw glass beer bottles at players in Yankee Stadium); all of this influenced Punk.

Sequel: New York Tourist (then and now)


X said...

A one line memory of my first time in New York. It's all gone now. I was only a kid.

X said...

No trace left.

X said...

Robert Mapplethorpe photo -