Monday, August 9, 2010

Seeding Thoughts

This is a test. But since I have to write something, I'll write the first thoughts I have for this photo.

(Just seeing if Facebook repaired my photo uploader for notes - it was out of commission for the last two notes).

I often wonder how people who live to complain affect me. Their thoughts enter my head, taking up space from any visionary thoughts i would have otherwise had.

When that happens, a destiny is changed. Instead of vision, my head is filled with complaints - and not even my own.

Momentum is disrupted.

I think about this because unsuccessful people, unhappy people, unfulfilled people, people wanting attention, complain a lot. Sometimes it comes across as some sort of justification for being the way it is.

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy. There are too many reasons to hesitate. It undermines any talent one ever had.

When my time is taken up by this, peripherally, i hear at a distance the fleeting sound of friends who are in their element, driving their magic, to a dreamed of destiny.

The contrast is quite noticeable.

I've decided i am going to spend the next few days complaint free. It might mean i have to live alone, read less, respond less, and even seem withdrawn - but at least i might save some soul.

Life is meant to be filled with more than just Lorem Ipso.

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