Monday, June 7, 2010

Be honest. It’s true.

The world was once built around an extended family – that was part of a community – that was part of a religion. That was based on a marriage.

For better or worse, divorce became popular. Religion was shattered. Families if they existed became nuclear. Neighborhoods were strangers.

Teams traded their players for money.

People became single – unable to commit, supposedly independent. But where is the freedom?

In a spun world of PR, weaknesses are intolerable, mistakes are zero, honesty is a forgotten word.

The world’s failed to get along even more. There’s very little practice.

On that note, it’s hard to start a band.

Passions start to fissure, lacking nourishment.

Lies start to flourish to get ahead.

Be honest. It’s true.

Where is the love?

He sang.

Bob Dylan wondered if he was still a son or a brother.

Don't Look Back

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