Friday, October 30, 2009

Some people say rap is a sin. I say hear where it' s been.

A dj once asked if i made beats. Only once, words, feats, in defeat.

I was in SF, saw MC Sniper projected on a screen in a Korean bar on Taylor, just north of Kearny.

And this is what i wrote for my brother who died in March. Rap, its legacy after death, inspired him. A rap for someone who lived, while he lived.

I started to think of my bro fightin his fourth stage in a hospital bed – and wrote…

Yellow Rap
They say in rap
You die
They say in rap
You live
They say in rap
You return
They say in rap
We rap
Until we find
That other place
Only one life to live
One bullet left
My feet don't matter
My legs don't quit
My heart be rappin
Cause MLK be clappin
That we aint hazy
Cause we aint lazy
We be real
To be the deal
To fight the power
In our finest hour
No time to waste
No time to haste
My eyes be wide open
My truth be dopin
More than the power
That keeps me hopin
Aint got no fluff
We be the stuff
No need to sell
No tales to tell
So no more dippin
Into those who be trippin
We got no time for that
In this Yellow Rap
One bullet left
- 30 -

He died before turning 30.

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