Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Summons: Inspiration begets Inspiration

I guess that would be my line of the year.

So said a woman who works with autistic children.

I flew across the country, not knowing what to expect.

This is my first campaign since March, when my brother, a leader of 10,000, died. I will give my first speech since my last campaign when I couldn’t lose—inspiring everyone who would listen. It seems like a distant memory when I last spoke for six minutes to earn a record investment.

I walked a wilderness of devastation since then…death, betrayal of business, partners who cursed a path and financial emptiness. I went to Ground Zero. At zero…grounded.

* * *

I used to take pictures of deja vu - to prove things we do today, can summon things tomorrow.

* * *
Before flying, i started a blog about summoning...writing the line "Inspiration begets inspiration." i didn't post it.

But out of the blue, before i flew, someone who inspired me for 10 years, emailed me. She wondered, where I was about to go.

All i could say was things we once did out of the pureness of who we are, things we once believed in, things we did that didn’t make sense to many, now make sense to many.

I think telepathically, we know there is a way to make the impossible possible with the right inspiration.

Inspiration begets inspiration.

The word has spread.

* * *

I am blogging openly in public about a new start up - a Wishing Well for Artists and Patrons, code named Givr. This is my first business trip.

Our first partner - the deal was signed yesterday - benefits the dying wishes of children.

One girl who has already survived one brain tumor has a wish to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii.

* * *

I think, looking at how we do a dying wish...summons greatness, makes us do the right thing.

* * *

Sometimes I freak myself out - proving summoning works. I don't know if it is some energy transfer to make wishes come true.

But here's proof...i photographed it, and posted it.

* * *

On October 25, a friend of mine, an Actress had a birthday wish. We share a mutual friend, also an Actress and i once blogged about our mutual friend's journey from New York to Los Angeles over the course of a year, photographing moments that led to the moment walking on the red carpet to open a movie at the Chinese Theater.

Sometimes i think it can be discouraging to watch someone else's success and wonder what happened to yours.

This Actress - once vied for the same role in this movie, as our mutual friend. She appeared in a critically acclaimed TV series, written by a critically acclaimed author who defined Generation X. Her show was mysteriously canceled earlier this year in spite of rave reviews and mass protest against a tax-payer funded TV Channel. When i last left her, out west, her best gig was a fast-food commercial. Hey, it's work.

* * *

All i can say is inspiration begets inspiration.

She offered to the Wishing Well...goods for people who needed them, including for good measure, a TV (i thought one day for this karma, she will appear on this, in a movie we will like to see). That was September, 2008. It's registered in my pasted blogs. In private, i asked her what she wished for ... it was a tall order, a steep path, i thought to myself. We had talked about how the outcome is often determined by the whim of someone else. But perhaps this curse could be summoning. I didn't post the wish online, but it's on record. She wanted a good role as an Actress.

On her birthday, she posted a wish for a role in her Facebook status. Knowing everything, I made a tryptic The Roles of Tammy G and emailed it to her. To summon, I then posted this captioned work in the photo album Channeling Light...

The Roles of Tammy G
To make this tryptic, I took a picture of Tammy i liked taken by her friend which reminded me of a candle flame one stares before making a wish. Staring to find new meaning...Warhol said that about his art. Original photos for it follow this Warhol like montage...of seeing things in a different light. (happy bday)

I made this to answer her birthday wish, to be the candle.

* * *

Before flying across the country...i wrote a blog....that started with the line..."inspiration begets inspiration." I didn't post it...thinking something was missing. (The proof)

Last night, i visited the Actress...she informed me two days after creating the tryptic summoning the roles of Tammy G...she was offered a role in a feature film called Under the Applebox. It's a challenging role of a woman from the Middle East who experiences a life of taboos.

Next to me, sat a man with dual citizenship. He worked with autistic children.

* * *
After hearing this story, i called my home, requesting someone there look for my blog and email it to me for me to post the proof.

* * *

Inspiration begets inspiration.

Things can be summoned with inspiration.

* * *

Seven people have lined up to hear me in seven days. In some stories, they say the world was created in seven days.

It’s important to keep it real, and so in my luggage I have packed stories of many Artists I know, many inspiring patrons to causes and many memories of unrecorded performances that made every soul rise. I remember how the room transformed, and transcended what we lived outside of that room to find what we believe in.

For so long we’ve been led by the “cynical, and fearful and doubtful.” That’s not how history is made.

Now is the time to bend that "arc of history."

This is not about Obama changing our country. This is about us, changing our lives. Applying the same things Obama applied to his campaign into our lives, our art, our business.

I think today we know, those who do this will be followed to greatness and will be followed by greatness.

* * *
I don't know if this is scientifically some energy transfer.

Inspiration begets inspiration.

* * *
This is an energy once used, that we still have. Just ask, where did the passion go, when things grind.

“So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other.”

I’ve used the summon speech many a time in different variations. I also want to add, this doesnt work if people are harmed, or put in harm's way. That will only bring about a cursed path.

At first many didn’t know what I meant, when I said, “If you don’t summon it, it won’t come.”

By summoning patriots to your cause, you will be attuned to the path of destiny. A mission that can’t be stopped.

If you look at someone great, something awe inspiring…ask yourself how this was achieved. I am sure it is easy to see, no rules from someone else were followed…just a spirit, a truth, an effort to get there.

See nothing but this…it’s a theory of relativity.

“Let's resist the temptation to fall back on the same partisanship and pettiness and immaturity that has poisoned” us long ago.

Sometimes I dream of being with someone who knows this greatness. I have a dream.

I have a dream that person will be on my path. And I on theirs to be ahead by a century.

Together we can walk the walk. Not much talk is needed.

Old habits die hard. There’s always the going back to the old ways, but let me show you this photo, to remind you of what that was like following rules that don’t work, following mediocrity-inducing behaviour.

This might look like substance, but it is really an ice cube melting.

When it melts, there is only one truth in that empty room, that's you standing, figuring out what to do with yourself. So beware of ice cubes, if you choose to be with something that one day may melt.

* * *

Inspiration begets inspiration...the acid test to see if it's an ice cube or not.

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