Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shoot The Arrow

Shoot the arrow
To find its destiny
Who knows when the last time will be

These things in life
That weren't meant to be
They weren't for free

As I get older, more things happen. I try not to take it for granted when the last time will be to create a New World. A sextet written at Caffe Vivaldi as I imagined a friend transitioning towards a new destiny.

* * *

Confidence is like an arrow
It pierces the air, fast and free
People watch it fly to the sky

A clarity of destiny, vibrating forward
A resonance to find the target
Shot by someone's feel and aim

As i stay confident, things are happening. I try not to take it for granted before this New World fades. A sextet written in a Toronto web cafe as I live a new destiny.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Designing Stories II



*BobDylan & *SuzeRotolo walked on Jones St
@caffevivaldi to @perilla
for the cover of Freewheelin' Dylan.

* * *

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